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Looking for ancestors of Yedidyah and Leah LEVENOVITCH son of Shlomo (Solomon) and Hinda (nee FORGACZ) LEVENOVITCH

They moved  to London, England before September 1899 On the 1901 census we find him and leah with 2 children Sarah and Jack and living at 12 Union St, Mile End. At the time he was employed as a tailors machinist.


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1st Lesson with names
    1st Lesson with names
    I had a lucky lesson early on in my research as after an Interview with my wife's uncle I
    Jack Levan formerly Levenovitchdiscovered that her Grandfather was from a very large family and although I have been around her family for (what seems like ) ever, I had never heard of most of these people.....

    I had a list of names and her uncle told me that my wife's great great grandfather was the family member that emigrated his name was Davis or David could have been Yedidya or Jedidiah or even Jebadayah!! "Reader you know there's a few questions coming right!!" so I asked why was he known with so many different names? His answer was "I don't know!!" BUT he spoke with such an accent nobody could understand him. In fact when registered his first born son he declared to the register that child be named Jack six years later he had another boy and when the registrar asked what his sons name was, he answered Jack so both his oldest boys where named Jack!!

    When I checked the Births, Marriages and Deaths for the UK low and behold 2 Jack's but surnames spelt differently Levenovitz, Levonovitch and when I started to look for the others I found Levinovitch, Levanovitch and a name change to Levan. 7 members of 1 family 5 different names.

    Names are not taken for granted anymore.


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