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Before I started genealogy I didn't even know my Great Grandfathers name. He was always referred to in family conversations as SEIDE from Whitechapel.

Russell Vaughan, September 2003

Here is a link to how we did it. We found Seide from Whitechapel


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Who was SEIDE from whitechapel
Hyman Bernstein B1897 - D1942 Picture taken C1902Hyman Bernstein B1879- D1942
Pose circa 1902.

Hyman Bernstein was born 11th April 1879 in DVINSK or DWINSK (which we believe to be current day DAUGAVPILS) in Latvia to Peretz and Lilly Bernstein ( Lilly's maiden name was Zeitmann?)

He left Latvia and travelled to London around 1900 (still looking for Exit/Entrance records) He stated his occupation as a Tailors Presser.

He married Yetta Zimmer in 1902 we believe it was a proxy marriage and Yetta may have come from  Lithuania. The Civil certificate states that Peretz Bernstein (Hyman's father) was a Traveller.

By march 1914 Hyman and Yetta had three children Percy, Rachel Leah and Bernard. (Interesting fact: I believe Rachel Leah was always know as Rachel Lilly)

In 1914 Hyman Volunteered for the war effort and served during WW1 in the Royal Air force. He worked with copper (a fact I'd gleaned from my aunt)  until he was discharged in 1917 as unfit for normal duty (due to varicose veins)

His naturalisation papers were issued 15 November 1920 and he became a British Citizen.

research ongoing

Hyman Passed away in 1942

I recently visited Hyman Last resting place and from the inscription we worked out his fathers name (later to be confirmed by naturalisation documents)

These are still some of the questions we have to answer or tasks still to complete. We got Hyman's mothers maiden name and his town of birth from his naturalisation papers. This will allow us to form more questions.

Peretz and lily's marriage certificate

Hyman/Chiam must have had brothers and sisters at least one brother went to South Africa?

Looking for an article in the JC  1952/54 possibly a picture with article of Hyman's south African family?

What did he do in through the 20's and 30's?

These questions and the documents we have gathered have opened up new leads.

Documents Collected1901 Census page
1902 Wedding Certificate
1920 Naturalisation Papers
Photograph (thanks Auntie Lee)
Photos of Gravestone
Documents Still requiredBirth Certificate, Latvia
I wrote to the Latvian State archive and after a few weeks received a reply which states that Jewish records for the year of birth 1878 no longer exist

so what were the steps needed to find Seide


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