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It has taken us 10 months but using the Internet as a tool we have many learned many Important facts about my Great grandfather, added new names and to our growing family tree and made many connections finding and meeting relatives lost and long forgotten.

Russell Vaughan
July, 2004


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Try the phonebook
    Try the Phonebook
    Visit to a lost cousin.
    I was at the Cemetery grounds recording dates, names and taking pictures, we visited our Great Uncle's grave when my brother pointed out that there was an empty plot next to Uncle maybe his wife is still alive. so when we got back it was straight to my notes. A cousin had told me that years ago her son had a business in East London. so I headed straight for the BT website first searching London for either My Great aunt, Her son (my cousin) or his sister. Working out with a map from where the business was I tried each town 2 hours later BINGO. A telephone call, a very odd conversation and a meeting was arranged.

    The next week I took a train trip and as I walked up the road there was my cousin. Although we had never met I recognised him immediately he reminded me of my Grandpa in his looks. After a cup of tea and a chat out came the photos and the memories and huge chunks of my questions sheet crossed off where I had collected answers.

How we found Seide!

    But I am sure he lives in Dortmund!
    We had a cousin who had fled survived Auschwitz and for whatever reason left Poland over 30 years ago and we had lost touch. My mum said I am not sure where he is I think it may be Dortmund but I have been to Germany and looked in the phone book and his name was not there.

    Well I don't speak German so thinking laterally I found this excellent website called infobel it has links to phone providers in most countries. Not just one but several in each country.

    I tried Germany no luck, Dortmund no luck then I noticed a mobile phone company had a national phone directory and although he was in his 80's it was worth a try and BINGO another cousin found.

    I used several free online translation tools to understand the language and the rest was standard research


Always try the phone book.

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Forgotton but not lost

    Looking for these names.
    Success is relative (no pun intended) since we started we have learned that these small connections are only part of a bigger picture so as a lifelong hobby starts we are looking for people with these names from some of the places listed.

    ARONOWITZ (Russia)
    BERNSTEIN (Dvinsk/Daugavpils - Latvia, South Africa)
    COHEN-LASK (England, South Africa, Israel, USA)
    DONOFSKY (Warsaw, Poland)
    LEVINOVIS/LEVANOVITCH/LEVAN various spellings (Plope Poland)
    SHORN (England)
    VANOVITCH/WANIEWICZ (Poland, France, Argentina),
    ZEITMAN (Warsaw, Poland), lived at Grzybowska

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